Top Quality AKC Russell Terriers. We breed for health, temperament and conformation. We occasionally have short jack puppies for sale Please take note that we do not breed Puddin Jacks


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The biggest misconception is that this breed is short legged however,

if a Parson Russell Terrier is standing next to a Russell Terrier, it is shorter in height

This breed has equal height of leg and chest, which makes the Russell Terrier not short legged


CLT Russells passed AKC Inspection in January 2013

We are breeding to fit the AKC Russell Terrier Standard and the ANKC/FCI/UKC Jack Russell Standard


We do not breed Parson Jack Russell Terriers, however we can recommend some responsible breeders




Chrystals Kiss My Tiara of CLT

UKC Champion

Bred-By CLT Russells


Now Living at Sierra Sun Russells



Russell Terrier




OFA Health Screening #1509597



Grand Champion

Chrystals Little Cub Scout

Earnharts Dexter

Kelly Omally Mc Quillin

Howell's Acres

Royal Dutchess

Spike of JRS
Howell's Acres Miss Beatrice

Grand Champion

Chrystals Sophisticated Mutt

Brown's Stevie

Bouncer D
Lil D

Brown's Lightning Thing

Brown's Sparky
Brown's White Lighting



April 14, 2014

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