Top Quality AKC Russell Terriers. We breed for health, temperament and conformation. We occasionally have short jack puppies for sale Please take note that we do not breed Puddin Jacks


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For the safety of my Family & Animals, I don't post my address publicly

We are located in-between Palm Springs, CA & Riverside, CA

Visitation is by Appointment ONLY




We make sure you get the right puppy for your family



We are a Small Hobby Breeder of Short AKC Russell Terrier's. NOT Tall Parson Jack Russell Terriers


I got my first Russell in July 2006 & I've been hooked ever since!


 In the long process of trying to find a good quality stud dog for breeding, we began a search for the right boy for our program. We found our little Scout in March of 2008 and it was love at first sight, for both me and Sophie.


We attended our first dog show and brought home a Champion title in October 2008 and earned our first Grand Champion title in March 2009! We will be working on titles in other areas including Earth Dog, Weight Pull, Rally, Agility, and Terrier Racing in the future.


We have been in the top ten in UKC 3 years in a row.

We have also invited to UKC PREMIER & AKC Eukanuba!


We are located in-between Riverside & Palm Springs in Southern California

In the year 2012 We got a first hand visual of the FCI Type Jack Russell Terrier, needless to say this was a wakeup call to our breeding program. If we want to compete in AKC and do well, then we will need to change the type of dog that we originally started breeding in 2008/2009.

Soon after we took more time in to learn structure and the breed standards all over the world, & with that new knowledge we took a good look at our dogs and changed our vision all together. We have placed and retired most of the breeding stock we had at the time to pursue what we feel is the correct type.

We are aiming for the world wide universal Jack Russell Terrier, a dog that fits the AKC Russell Terrier and FCI/ANKC Jack Russell Terrier Standard.

Our top priority is always Health and correct structure.




Our Education Resume

seminars we have attended

  AKC/CHF Breeder's Symposium

April 2009

  Claudia Waller Orlandi - ABC's of Dog Breeding

April 2009

  Pat Hasting - Puppy Puzzle

Summer 2009

  Myra Savant Harris - Canine Repro and Puppy ICU

August 2010

We continue to educate ourselves and learn as much as we can about

our breed history, reproduction, showing, health and nutrition, genetics,

temperament, and conformation, and much more ..........


Me, Star, & Duke at our 2nd AKC Show since

the Russell Terrier moved into Terrier Group








At a Russell Match with Kisses

Hand delivering one of our CLT Treasures

Me and the Boys at the Silver Bay AKC Show

 in Del Mar, CA February 2012

Me and Star at a Go-To-Ground practice AKA Earth Dog



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June 04, 2015

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